With Alexandra Corcode you can’t deny the contrast between age and attitude. She’s an involved young artist. For her, visual art isn’t just a way of liberation, expression or self-discovery, but the key to connecting herself to the rest of the world and society.

Discovering her passion for photography at „Freelancer Photography Camp”, she never stopped evolving. Since then she has done many digital pieces an dis now working on an analog project, documenting the rural side of Bistrita-Nasaud, her hometown.

Alexandra spent the last 3 years working on a documentary project „Half(S)”, which focuses on a family consisting of two elders and following their mental and physical degradation to the point of death.

With every portrait there’s a story to be told, surpassing the superficial and inviting the watcher to introspection.

Since cinematography is universal, she wishes to continue using audio-visual communication to portray the consequences of climate change and social problems between different communities.

Corcode participated in the „Let’s go digital” film workshop at TIFF Festival where she found shortfilms: a new way of expressing and exploration.

Among the many awards she received throughout the years we can name: „Remarkable Artwork”- Siena International Photography Awards 2019, „Best Portrait”- Licart 2019, finalist at Licart 2018, etc.

She currently studies Photography in Hague, at Royal Academy of Art.

You can find Alexandra here:


The Touch


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