Deborah presents herself simply: „In essence I’m just a girl that likes to watch and make art”

„I can say that usually anything inspires me and I like to think that’s why I chose to be an artist. Most of my work reflects surroundings and little occurences which I came across that given day. For example, Fluids was inspired by a drop of water from the train table that kept moving from side to side- which I then tied with the human emotion.

Generally speaking, I’ve tried all forms of art: from painting, sculpting, ceramics, textile art to object design, but to none of them did I relate as much as graphic design.

…Art invites us to play, it invites us to discover the world again, just like the time when it was a mystery, back in our childhood. ”

Member of the young-artists group Subsol 16, Deborah participated in exhibitiond at the Art Museum of Arad and also conceived the logo for an Erasmus project..”

She currently studies graphic design at West University of Timisoara.

You can find Deborah here:

Materie vs lumină

The green girl


The wave

CONCENTRIC & Deborah Nagy