„…I feed myself with art in all of it’s forms. It’s vicious, but dedicating yourself is worth it. That’s what makes us human, just like speech, because it communicates something, it awakens something in you that you may are may not have been conscious about thoroughly.

But what am I saying here? Art is everywhere you look, even in the flight of birds. All in all, giving it a definition is impossible, art is indescribable, which is for the better.

…indescribable things are beautiful, think about love.

I am wishful for collaborations with other artists, other people, I am wishful of exchanging ideas, energies and feelings.”

Iriana Adnana is in her first year of studies at the Faculty of Theatre and Film in Cluj.

„Aici si acolo in acelasi timp” (one of Iriana’s pieces) is part of the series „Spatiu-timp”, created out of interest for the possibility of a fourth dimension, in which width, length and height are the only vectors, but also time.

For me, this idea comes close to breaking down the walls in which we are captive. The absurdity of having to define ourselves between these finite parameters, just like a bunch of objects.”

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Burning and being carried by bedouins through the desert


Aici și acolo în același timp


CONCENTRIC & Iriana Adnana