„Art is passion, no matter the age.

I’m in a constant state of dreaming… I was self-taught and started by searching my steps beyond the feeling of reverie. Later on, to my friends’ advice, I studied at the popular school of art in my city…

My debut in the creative field was pretty late, at the age of 45.

As an artist, I enjoyed the Impressionists, but today my attraction revolves around abstract and modern art. My collage pieces aren’t anything revolutionary, but they hold much meaning tom e as it was so much easier to express my feelings through them.

Most of the time I draw attention to my childhood, the life phase that fascinated me deeply. I paint the places I used to wonder around by, the lakes and the forests, infatuated by sunrise’s reflection and satisfied by personal reflections from the last dawn.

I look up to Picasso, a gate-opener, which said, beyond other things: „At 12 years old I could paint like Rafael, but it takes a life to teach yourself to draw like a child.”

I can’t quite paint like Rafael or Picasso, but one day I want to paint like a child!”

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Lună curgătoare

Ulei pe carton pânzat

Tăcerea îngerului

Ulei pe carton pânzat



Cocoșul albastru


Undeva, la țară


Un larg de liniște





Tempera pe carton


Tehnică mixtă

Noapte de Crăciun


CONCENTRIC & Iulian Stancu