Pieces of Otilia:

„…I am a dreamer…A simple person

I’m not a normal person…

A mad girl who lives in her own world, surrounded by her own art.

I’ve never had the chance to truly think about who I am…

I am an artist that likes to confess their thoughts, feelings and life through line and stain, spots.

Everything I do is a reflection of my soul.”

„I hope this collaboration will bring me the joy and accomplishment of seeing people wearing my art.””

Otilia Lacatis, 19, student at the University of Arts and Design Timisoara.


You can find Otilia here:




Emoții interioare

Watercolor on paper

Fuziune de emoții

Ink on paper

Pe gânduri

Watercolor on paper


Watercolor on paper


Watercolor on paper

CONCENTRIC & Otilia Lacatîș